Expert: software defined satellites will enable ordinary people to access by intelligent machines.

2018-04-11 10:16:29 admin 3

Zhao Junsuo, the Secretary General of the software definition satellite technology alliance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 8, pointed out that the development of the software definition satellite will close the distance between the satellite and the public, so that the ordinary people can access the satellite and use the satellite through the smart phone.

The "2018 software definition satellite Summit Forum", "software definition satellite and intelligent leading space", continued to be held in Huairou, Beijing on the same day, and Zhao Junsuo made the presentation when he made the theme report.

He said that the satellite, which is usually a single mission target, is a closed system which can not be directly interchanged and can not be reused directly by the software. The software definition satellite will establish a satellite open system architecture to remove the tightly coupled relationship between the satellite software and hardware, so that the satellite software and the algorithms can be independently performed. Transformation and rapid iteration.

In addition to the distance from the satellite to the public, the software definition satellite will also close the distance between the satellite and the developer. It allows the ordinary programmers to develop and publish the spaceborne software, and provides a one-stop service for the development, debugging, testing, software injection and testing and verification of the spaceborne APP.

At the same time, the software definition satellite can provide high speed communication, precise navigation and time service for any part of the world, and observe the earth and outer space in real time with a large angle of view and multidimensional, to monitor the important activities of human beings, to perceive the change of the earth environment and to control the space situation in an all-round way.

Zhao Junsuo said the development of software - defined satellites will focus on computing, the establishment of an open satellite system architecture, an open, open source software ecology, and a satellite as a computer that can collect, store, process and receive and receive data in space flight.

He proposed that the overall idea of developing a software definition satellite in China is to develop a new technology test satellite to launch a series of technologies, to set up the platform of cloud measurement and control and a large data platform for the sky intelligence nebula. It has a powerful real-time information processing and massive data storage capacity on the star, and has a "space application store" to make intelligence. Energy satellite has rich software, which can be reconstructed on demand, realizing different functions and completing various tasks.