China Telecom’s Order of 100,000 Tiantong Phones: Drive Satellite Communication to “Phone Era”

2018-06-05 14:41:44 admin 18

China Telecom has issued the bidding announcement of centralized purchase of Tiantong phones. According to the announcement, in order to insure the smooth development of the satellite operation service of Tiantong, China Telecom plans to purchase 100,000 Tiantong phones, including 50,000 double module products and 50,000 single module products.

It is known that this project includes two sections and each section will confirm one winning bidder. The first section: purchase of estimated 50,000 single module (single satellite communication)phones; the second section: purchase of estimated 50,000 double module (satellite and ground communication) phones.

It is worth noting that on May 16th, the “Tiantong-1 mobile satellite communication” of China Telecom was officially launched in the commercial market, marking China’s entrance into the “phone era” of mobile satellite communication. The blank of domestically independent mobile satellite communication system had been filled in and the dependence on foreign mobile satellite communication had been ended. On May 25th, the “Tiantong-1 mobile satellite communication” of China Telecom was officially launched into the commercial market in Qinghai, symbolizing the real grounding of the commercial use of the system.

It is learnt that in 2011, the project of “Tiantong-1 mobile satellite communication” system, the first system of mobile satellite communication in China, was formally initiated. Afterwards, China launched Tiantong-1 orbit mobile communication satellite, the first mobile communication satellite of which China owns the fully independent property right. Then, China Telecom launched a new type of phone based on Tiantong-1—Tiantong-1 satellite mobile. The chip of Tiantong satellite terminal is also produced independently by China.

Tiantong-1 satellite has many advantages. It has wide coverage, powerful communicating capacity and no dead zone for service. With great potential for development, it can be adopted in all areas like personal communication, marine transportation, distant fishery, air passenger transport, bipolar scientific investigation, international peacekeeping, etc. It supports not only confidential voice communication, data transmission and video conference, but also businesses like disaster relief, maritime rescue, remote area rescue, distant education, telemedicine, broadcasting, live broadcasting, etc. Furthermore, it provides services like internet access and personal mobile communication for high-end users working on businesses like scientific investigation and prospection.

Independently operated by China Telecom, the ground business of Tiantong-1, forms the mobile communication network with the ground mobile communication system. It can achieve full coverage of the whole territory and territorial waters of China, areas within the first island chain, areas surrounding China including the West Pacific and the Indian Ocean. In every corner throughout China, people can communicate with others whenever they need to and would like to.