China Mobile and SAIC Group combined HUAWEI based on 5G Era LTE low delay network

2018-06-30 11:27:18 admin 1

During the world mobile Conference - Shanghai (MWCS), China Mobile and SAIC Group combined HUAWEI based on 5G Era LTE low delay network and V2X technology based on cellular mobile communication (C-V2X). Staff in the driving console in the MWCS exhibition hall, through the end to end 20 millisecond low delay control technology and high-definition video return technology, remote accurate control of the outfield fleet, through the 5G Era LTE and V2X technology depth integration, vehicle formation driving and traffic lights information prompt intelligent network auto service.

This show shows that the combination of 5G Era LTE network and V2X can achieve some typical intelligent network applications, which can further accelerate the development of the industry.

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China Mobile car union business exhibition Island display

It is a demonstration of the smart net driving car, which is independently developed by SAIC Group. Through the network provided by China Mobile and the end-to-end remote driving system based on the independent research and development of the edge computing technology, it uses HUAWEI's low delay and high definition video return solutions.

Vehicle remote driving, vehicle formation and V2I traffic light information prompt have high requirements for network delay. It is necessary to guarantee the control instruction to be reached in time so as to respond to emergency emergency during the high-speed driving process. 3GPP R15, as the first agreement in the 5G era, promoted LTE's revolutionary jump. 5G Era LTE can accelerate low latency solutions such as empty port scheduling to meet relevant business needs. Following the introduction of some key technologies represented by Short TTI, we can further shorten the time delay and achieve end to end delay less than 10 milliseconds. At the same time, the network can realize high-definition video return through multi carrier aggregation and 4x4 MIMO technology, so as to meet the real-time needs of road conditions.

At the same time, C-V2X has a good technological prospect and shows great potential in automatic driving and intelligent mobile travel system. C-V2X is designed to realize workshop communication (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure communication (V2I), vehicle to network communication (V2N) and vehicle to pedestrian communication (V2P). The three vehicle formation and traffic light information hints are also based on the practical application of C-V2X technology.

With the acceleration of global digital transformation, the AI industry has become the focus of the global information and communication industry. It has a wide range of future applications, such as long-distance bus driving, freight car transportation, and also can improve the operation efficiency and ensure the safety of personnel in bad areas such as unmanned area and high radiation area.

In 2017, the three party has completed the demonstration of remote driving based on 5G NR network. This time, the three party more actively adopted the 5G Era LTE network technology based on R15 protocol, and completed the typical application verification of the three intelligent network union cars.

The three sides hope that the business of intelligent network can be hatched as soon as possible, creating more business opportunities and serving thousands of households. Making cars safer, more convenient and energy saving