CSNE100 网络仿真仪

CHANGESELF CSNE100 是第一个可同时在一个 设备中进行不限数量的用户终端测试和端到 端移动测试的 LTE(FDD/TDD)/ LTE-A/ eMTC/ NB-IoT 网络仿真仪。不限数量的用户终端同时 接入使得在一个时间测试多个用户终端成为 可能,能极大的提高测试效率。


· NB-IoT, LTE TDD/FDD simulation simultaneously

· Handles categories M1 and NB1.

· Single-tone and multi-tone category NB1 UE support

· 1.5kHZ and 3.75kHZ subcarrier spacing  

· Handle multi-cells in intra-band or inter-band configurations

· Multiple NB-IoT and LTE cells can be supported in the same eNodeB

· Support of all NPDCCH, NPDSCH, NPUSCH and NPRACH

· Support of multi-DRB mode

· Closed-loop UE power control

· Frequency based MMSE equalizer

· Highly optimized software turbo decoder

· PAPR reduction support

· Multi-cluster PUSCH allocation

· PUCCH3 and PUCCH channel selection support.

· Carrier Aggregation support with cross carrier scheduling

· CoMP testing features

· Round-robin MAC scheduler with dynamic MCS selection